Beautiful Custom Engraved Skateboard Map to Represent Your Love of Your City Streets

Are you a skateboarder and proud of your city? Alex Herber offers you an innovative skateboard where you can choose your favorite city to be laser-engraved on it.

It’s no secret that those thrill-seeking skateboarders will explore every spot in their cities in search for the perfect places to practice their tricks. They have permanent mental maps on their mind about those special locations where they will always come back. To represent your love to your favorite city, you can choose to engrave it on a skateboard, we believe you will display it proudly on the wall. [Buy It Here]

Custom Engraved Skateboard Map by Alex Herber

Alex Herber is an artist-turned-engineer-turned-artist again that will laser engrave your choice of downtown map onto an actual skateboard. He adds the city and state on the nose and tail, each piece comes with everything you need to install this board, floating on the wall. Handmade in Texas, this Engraved Skateboard Map will remind you of your favorite city streets in a very beautiful way. [Buy It Here]

Custom Engraved Skateboard Map by Alex Herber

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