Beautiful Color-Changing Calender, Poster and Wallpaper

Color-changing products are not limited to books for children. This time, you can see color changing on much more interesting things, like wallpapers, posters, or calenders. Beautiful and interactive design within your every touch.? Watch how those wallpapers are changing its color.

Designer : Shi Yuan via Sawse

color changing wallpaper

Shi Yuan has worked on a number of subtle and complex projects that reinterpret conventional objects of design. She has worked on deconstructing advertisements, challenging empty spaces with digital overlays and repurposes everyday products with her own twist. Hopefully some of these will go into full-scale production!

color changing calender

color changing poster

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3 thoughts on “Beautiful Color-Changing Calender, Poster and Wallpaper

  1. The later poster just looks like it works on the basis of that paint that changes colour when body heat touches it. If you have never heard of that paint you have been living in the dark ages because it has been around for years. And also you already get mugs that change colour according to temperature. I know this because my son has a shreck one that is green but when hot liquid is inside it is yellow. Great idea of implementing these coliur changes in every day life though.

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