Beautiful and Elegant Vera Kettle by Bugatti

VERA is an electronically controlled concept kettle design which brings together technological knowledge and elegance for your relaxing moments. This device is able to achieve required temperature and ensure an optimal and uniform heating for the making of each hot beverage. The touch buttons along with the display screen is embedded in the handle and 360o on the base laying capability ensures easy operating. The combination of implementing latest technological developments and the stylish conical shape is providing utmost thermal efficiency that help significantly diminish energy consumption. VERA is available in different colors such as chrome, white, cream, black, orange, yellow, lilac, red, green apple, etc. [Buy It Here]

bugatti vera kettle

bugatti vera kettle

bugatti vera kettle

bugatti vera kettle

Designer : Andreas Seegatz

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8 thoughts on “Beautiful and Elegant Vera Kettle by Bugatti

  1. hello.. brilliant design by the way. i would loke to know where i can purchace this kettle in the purple or green and does it have a toaster or anything else to match..?


  2. Hi, can you please tell me where to get the vera kettle bucatti in the yellow colour as shown in the advert.

    Many thanks

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