Beam Is A Stylish and Modern Wearable Health Monitoring Device

Health monitoring device is really important for users that need to constantly monitor their vital signs. Beam is a stylish wearable medical monitoring device that simplifies the way a user reads the displayed information. This device is also ideal for seniors who live on their own but need supervision due to their medical conditions such as low/high blood pressure, diabetes, or any heart condition. This is a simple way for their family and doctors to monitor their health remotely.

Beam is an eco-friendly device, the incorporated generator eliminates the need to change batteries. This medical device has been designed to ensure users still feel free to do their daily routines without much of the hassle of routine medical checking.

Designer : Rodrigo Guadarrama

Beam Medical Monitor Device

Beam Medical Monitor Device

Design Overview

The main body of the design is formed by a watch-like device. It is made up by the following parts:

1. Magnetic Buckle. Fitted with small, strong magnets, this simple design allows inexperienced users to easily put on the device. It is essential for the device’s proper functioning that the buckle be properly attached. A wire runs through the straps and needs to make contact at the buckle. This feature is intended as a safety measure -once contact is made all around the strap, the device is ready to take measurements.

2. I/O Connector. This cap -that looks just like the rest of the buttons but is the same color as the body- covers a connection port for the device. This port can be used for several things, including connecting to a computer for configuration, battery charging in case the in-built generator fails as well as connecting to additional devices such as an oxymeter, blood pressure gauge or glucose level monitor for diabetics.

3. PANIC button. This button, in red, is to be used by the patient or caregiver in case of emergency. It will instantly trigger an alarm and send a message to family members and the user’s doctor including their latest medical information and recent trends.

4. Flexible OLED display. This state-of-the art, paper-thin transparent film displays the readings in near-real time for the patient to see. Its colors, fonts and the amount of information displayed is completely customizable to the user’s needs and taste. It will change its appearance automatically depending on the status of the user’s readings.

5. Multi-function buttons. The user will use these buttons to cycle through the modes of the device, especially when he or she desires to see more detailed information on a specific reading.

6. Temperature sensor. Similar to modern instant-reading digital thermometers, this sensor will be in constant touch with the user’s skin, thus providing near real-time data on their temperature.

7. Electronics casing. All the electronics necessary are housed in these two sections of the device, connected by the display. It is covered in polyurethane so that it has the same feel as the straps.

8. Straps. As mentioned before, the straps need to be in a closed loop for the device to work. Made in polyurethane, they are hypoallergenic, hygenic, durable, comfortable and recyclable. They can be interchanged and are available in a wide array of sizes to accommodate children and adults.

Beam Medical Monitor Device

Beam Medical Monitor Device

Beam Medical Monitor Device

Beam Medical Monitor Device

Beam Medical Monitor Device

Beam Medical Monitor Device

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