Baladéo Float Knife for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Baladéo Float Knife, yes, this is the knife that floats, thanks to its cork construction. It’s an ideal knife for fisherman or any outdoor enthusiasts, this functional gear won’t stay at the bottom of the lake, river, or ocean. This little device also has integrated key ring, you won’t have to feel painful experience watching your wonderful gadget slowly sink out of your reach. It’s a great gift for anyone who works near water, a minimalist folding knife can be very handy when you’re on a boat, yep, a great balance between function and utility. Baladeo company has been known for easy-to-use and affordable products, each one features great aesthetics without sacrifice important elements of the product.

Designer : Baladéo [Buy It Here]

Baladéo Float Knife

Baladéo Float Knife

Baladéo Float Knife

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