BAC Mono R Single-Seater Vehicle Sold Out Ahead of Its Release

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) releases Mono R, the next generation of Mono with higher performance, lighter, and more advanced technology. Of course it features the same stunning Mono DNA with new materials and technology that delivers world-beating performance on the road and track. The R version is 35bhp more powerful (340bhp) yet 25kg (555kg) lighter than standard Mono. It means Mono R has remarkable power-to-weight ratio of 612bhp-per-tonne.

It is one of exclusive supercars ever made, with just a limited of 30 models produced and sold to existing Mono customers around the world. In fact, ahead of its launch at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019, the full production of Mono R has sold out.

BAC Mono R Single-Seater Vehicle

BAC Mono R Single-Seater Vehicle

Mono R still features single-seater’s design DNA, but it has a brand new approach to its body engineering. All surfaces were designed from scratch and those 44 bespoke carbon parts were restyled to give this car a more aggressive and futuristic look. Particularly that shark nose front, it stands out and gives Mono R its signature look, it delivers true efficiency of form courtesy of a sleek and homogeneous redesign. The main LED headlights are centrally mounted on this nose, reducing the frontal area and contributing to its minimalist appearance.

The new nose of Mono R is combined with Formula-inspired ram-air inlet system offers a hint at the R’s phenomenal performance potential. The upper body features more slender and organic design to enhance aerodynamic. All technical surfaces are thinner and more blade-like to effectively sculpt and divert airflow. Overall, there’s been a reduction in height but a 25mm increase in length over the standard Mono.

The interior offers a perfect space for customer personalization, with the new look, race-inspired cockpit, the steering wheel is even lighter with optional carbon interior side panels.

BAC Mono R Single-Seater Vehicle

BAC Mono R Single-Seater Vehicle

BAC Mono R Single-Seater Vehicle

Key Statistics:
Top Speed: 170mph
0-60mph: 2.5 seconds
Power: 340bhp
Weight: 555kg
Power-to-Weight ratio: 612bhp-per-tonne
Price: from £190,950
First deliveries: Q4 2019

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