Awesome Predator Helmet Gets You Attention from Other Drivers

Predator helmet would look awesome on you while you’re driving your motorcycle. I’m pretty sure you would get a lot of attention from other drivers but no one would dare to cut your off when you’re cruising down the road. Don’t worry about safety as it’s been designed and developed based on an actual motorcycle helmet but with enhanced outer shell, a dreadlocks mullet, a tri-laser scope, and hyper-realistic airbrushed finish. It would cost you $780 to own one.

Designer : NLO-MOTO

Predator Helmet by NLO-MOTO

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2 thoughts on “Awesome Predator Helmet Gets You Attention from Other Drivers

  1. I would wear this. I always wanted a predator helmet anyway. I don't have amotorcycle but I would still buy it.

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