Audiovase : A Special Cup to Hold Your Phone and Boost The Sound Quality by Joe Morin

Audiovase is a special project of Joe Morin, a special cup to hold your phone in away that would enhance the sound when you play music with it. The inspiration came from conversation that Joe had with his wife in the kitchen. He walked in just to see that his wife washing dishes while listening music from her phone, not from a Bluetooth speaker. She explained that it’s just easier this way.

Based on that conversation, Joe realized that Bluetooth speakers can be a hassle for several reasons: they are expensive, they don’t always give stable connection to your phone, they can drain your phone’s battery fast, or run out of power during use.

Many people prefer to listen to podcasts using their phone to avoid those problems. Unfortunately, most smartphones don’t have good speakers, users might end up holding the phones next to their ear or putting them into bowls or cups to make the sound louder. This solution can increase the volume slightly but cups and bowls usually cause the sound/music to muffled or hollow. This is where Audiovase comes in action, it is designed to boost not only volume levels but also to provide better sound quality, allowing you to enjoy whatever you’re listening to.

Designer : Shuffle Three [Pre-Order]

Audiovase by Shuffle Three

Audiovase by Shuffle Three

Audiovase has unique patent-pending shape and surface geometry that have been tested and proven to boost and enhance sound quality. It doesn’t require any internal electronics, therefore, you don’t have to worry of charging it during use.

So how does it work? As sound leaves your smartphone’s speaker the sound waves reflect off the bottom surface and reverberate off the vertical walls as they exit the acoustic horn. The Audiovase’s elliptical shape eliminates the muffled sound produced using cups and bowls by shortening the distance the sound waves need to travel as they reverberate off the vertical walls.

Audiovase by Shuffle Three

The Audiovase has an internal cavity that accommodates your smartphone’s charging cord allowing you to quickly and easily charge your device during use. Its elliptical shape also leaves enough room to fit your smartphone and most protective cases so you don’t have to worry about taking the case off during use. The lightweight design is highly portable making it easy to take with you when you’re on the go but it is also at home sitting casually on your bed side table or kitchen counter top.

Audiovase by Shuffle Three

The 4-part construction uses plastic throughout with a clear over-molded polycarbonate layer over the upper horn that creates a sense of depth that celebrates the “vase” metaphor illustrated in the form and overall design. The center trim-ring not only helps connect the molded upper horn to the base but also creates an elegant waistline that compliments the soft, blended lines of the form and acts as a focal point for branding elements. The injection-molded plastic bottom skirt and the compression-molded elastomer base mix both matte and glossy finishes molded into the outer surface to create a graphic element that is fun and fashion forward.

Audiovase by Shuffle Three

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