Audi Aicon: Futuristic Autonomous Concept Car for Door-to-Door Individual Transportation

Audi Aicon, a futuristic concept autonomous car without steering wheel or pedals. This car features four-door 2+2 boldly opens to showoff the exterior and interior design of the next decades. It’s a futuristic car designed for purely electric operation, it is able to cover a range of 700 to 800km on a single charge. Aicon wants to exploit every possibility of an autonomous luxury sedan can offer for future generations with unprecedented consistency.

Audi Aicon is dedicated for door-to-door individual transportation but unlike a robot taxi, this car offers luxurious ambience of a first class airline cabin. The presence of the car is impossible to ignore, one look at the exterior, people will notice the spacious comfort they’ll be having from using this car service. The cabin will be free of steering wheel and pedals, providing ultimate comforts of modern communications electronics with perfect ergonomics.

Audi Aicon Concept Car

Audi Aicon Concept Car

The main element of the exterior is the cabin, there are large glass surfaces at the front and rear, as well as convex side windows for a bright expanse of space for travelers. There’s a hard line along the side window surfaces, it emphasizes the car’s length and reduces the apparent volume of the cabin relative to the overall body. There are darkened side sills that rise subtly toward the rear, creating the illusion that the car is ducking. Similar to Audi e-tron Sportback, Aicon also features inverted hexagonal Singleframe at the front and with that sharply included silhouette of the front end, it evokes the sense of forging ahead, a typical sports car body line.

To warn other pedestrians or cyclists of dangerous situations, Audi Aicon uses animations on its display surfaces. It uses projector modules to illuminate the road and its surroundings in high resolution, projecting signals onto the ground. It means that it allows for better warning signals and vehicle information to passers-by even those with no direct line of sight to the car.

Audi Aicon Concept Car

Audi Aicon Concept Car

Audi Aicon Concept Car

Audi Aicon is designed with opposed doors, no B-pillar, therefore, once the doors are open, passengers are exposed to the luxurious interior space entirely. The large glass surfaces, transparent roof, and low waist line, all of them create the impression of unique spaciousness. The upholstered, two-seat bench is integrated onto the rear panel while the two front seats are designed for optimum comfort and spaciousness. The individual seats can be swiveled up to 15 degrees, turning them inward allow for easier interaction while turning them outward making it easier for passengers to get in.

It is imagined that in the future, all road users are connected to one another and their surroundings. Transportation infrastructure is ready for autonomous mobility technology, traffic will become less hectic and flow smoothly. This car can reach long distances in no time even at moderate speed limits around 130km/h while the passengers can enjoy comfortable ride without constant accelerating or braking. There are four electric motors that are capable to produce a total of 260 kW and 550 Newtonmeters. Thanks to high-voltage system with 800volts, the battery unit of this car can be charged to 80 perfect in less than 30 minutes.

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Audi Aicon Concept CarAudi Aicon Concept CarAudi Aicon Concept CarAudi Aicon Concept CarAudi Aicon Concept CarAudi Aicon Concept Car

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