ATUM : Modern Conceptual Circular Saw Design

Circular saw can be complicated and heavy. Dan Allen, an industrial designer tried to redesign this power tool, he thought that circular saws we have on the market are very uninviting to the eyes. That’s why he came up with ATUM, an ultra modern conceptual circular saw. ATUM has been designed with slimmer body and a thin brushless motor. A new blade is used for ATUM, a fusion between a standard 71/4-inch saw blade and an internal spur gear.

Designer : Dan Allen

ATUM Circular Saw

ATUM Circular Saw

ATUM Circular Saw

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6 thoughts on “ATUM : Modern Conceptual Circular Saw Design

  1. I like the look and the overall design, kind of minimalist, just what is necessary to make it happen. What keeps the blade in position? I would be worried about chips from what is being cut loading the gear teeth and binding the motor up. And is there protection between the hand guard and the blade ( is the body material sufficent to keep the blade from coming through the handle grip in the event of a catastrphic blade failure)?

  2. Thanks Veeman for the comment. To answer some of your questions:
    There are bearings on the inside on the top and back that would keep blade in its position.
    The housing separates when changing the blade(you can see that animation in the movie). Having the two housings separated allows the user to clean any sawdust out and also lets the user to change the gear ratio to add or subtract torque.
    To protect against injury the housing is made from magnesium allow with hardened tool steel inserts under the contact points.
    Hope that answered some of you questions. I haven't thought out everything but I tried to solve most of the issues that might come up.

  3. Being a Building Designer and Contractor for over 20 years. I have used many different circular saws over the years. I like the blade design as it would allow differnt types of cuts. I do have one very serious issue with the design, which I believe would stop all professional and most home owners from purchasing it. when you make a cut with any saw you always need to see the blade as its cutting. I've used lasers and all sorts of gadgets on saws, but nothing comes close to eyeballing the blade as it cuts for accuracy.
    Good luck

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