Attemper Stir-Stick Keeps Your Drink Hot Or Cold All The Time

I like having my hot coffee in the morning, unfortunately after a few sips and work, it goes cold slowly. Keeping your beverages in cool or hot temperature won’t be a problem using Attemper Stir-stick. Designed by Indonesian industrial designer, Attemper utilizes the thermoelectric effect to convert electrical energy into a temperature gradient. It uses nano-silicon as its material to decrease silicon’s thermal conductivity to increase the conversion efficiency.

Using just one single stir stick, you are able to produce hot and cold temperatures for your drinks. To get the heat, simply twist the stick head clockwise. Counter-clockwise turn will keep your drink cold. Recharge this gadget when the light goes off.

Designer : Cindy Karimun

Attemper Stir Stick

Attemper Stir Stick

Attemper Stir Stick

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4 thoughts on “Attemper Stir-Stick Keeps Your Drink Hot Or Cold All The Time

  1. Woh. It is really nice. I want to buy this coffee attempter stir sticks. Can You give me some information’s, where from I will take this, How much price.

  2. I thought of this idea this morning like why dont they have one my moms got a bunk leg and I been making her matcha and I kinda was like I wish I could put something in it to keep it warm otherwise I have to stay around or have it be like an obstacle coarse for her this would make life so much more simple I would like to know where to get a gadget like this.

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