Athlete’s Plane : A Plane and A Mobile Facility to Optimize Athletic Performance

Teague has teamed up with Nike to design a luxurious interior design for Athlete’s Plane. It’s not a secret anymore that every professional sports franchise makes huge capital investments in players for wages and facilities as response to a very competitive race. These franchise owners have done great job to attract best players and get best performance out of those players, however, as valuable asset, when the team travels, they usually don’t get the best protection.

The “home-field advantage” usually gives significant psychological advantage for the home team, but some studies prove that it’s actually a lot less about the effects of supportive fans and familiar facilities, it’s more about the negative effects of travel suffered by visiting team. In 2008, there’s a study done by Nikhil Swaminathan published in Scientific American showed that Major League Baseball teams that travel to game sites 3 time zones away have statistic of losing 60% of those games. The motor function of these athletes are deteriorated after air travel and lingered for about the same days as the number of time zones crossed.

Designers : Teague and NIKE

Athelet's Plane by Nike and Teague

Athelet's Plane by Nike and Teague

Keeping this in mind, Teague and NIKE designed and developed a customized airplane interior to focus on the unique needs and challenges of traveling athletes. As a leading design consultancy for aviation, Teague has chosen to work with NIKE design team because they are the expert in athletic performance. Armed with information about the lives of professional athletes, Teague focuses their design in 4 areas of performance innovation which are not addressed by commercially airplanes:

Recovery: this area is designed to eliminate negative effects of air travel on the mind and body. It brings the training room to 40,000 feet through in-flight biometrics and analysis to accelerate injury diagnosis and treatment.

Circulation: it promotes natural mobility and building in equipment to ensure optimal circulation and promote healing process.

Sleep: a good sleeping condition for each individual for the entire team to optimize physical readiness.

Thinking: a space for mental activities.

The Athlete’s Plane can also be said a mobile facility and data center, a system consists of an airplane, smart apparel, accessories, and footwear. This integrated system allows each individually customized recovery plan to be administered to help optimizing athletic performance. It monitors athletes, analyzing data, and implementation of best suitable treatment for each one.

Athelet's Plane by Nike and Teague

Athelet's Plane by Nike and Teague

Athelet's Plane by Nike and Teague

Athelet's Plane by Nike and Teague

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One thought on “Athlete’s Plane : A Plane and A Mobile Facility to Optimize Athletic Performance

  1. Radical for US Olympic Team alone.
    Reuse 777, 757, 747 for project
    Be radical
    & host team logo on plane exterior.

    Id add these
    Smoothie Bar
    Salad Bar
    Juice Bar
    Victory Bar: Liquor, wines.
    Mini Gym?
    Cinema area space.
    & main Cabin for landing, take off
    Guest cabin for VIPs, fans.
    Medical Bay.

    Then U have a super plane

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