Artistic Modular Shelving Unit to Enhance Your Living Room

Various designer scaffolding by Maria Yasko if to be described in two words can be said to be ‘unusually beautiful’. The designer seems to have been inspired by nature and surroundings, as one can see many of the designs which have graphically designed leaves and branches as extensions of the structures. The material used for design is corian and apart from beautiful design, the beauty of the scaffoldings is also enhanced by smart color choices and amazing color combinations. Perfect companion to adorn your living room as you see your walls being beautified with nature as a backdrop.

modular shelving unit

modular shelving unit

modular shelving unit

Designer : Maria Yasko

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4 thoughts on “Artistic Modular Shelving Unit to Enhance Your Living Room

  1. this is the most excelent design on this blog 🙂

    It is simple and beautyful. The only thind I can accuse this project of, is that it requires serious intrusion into the wall.

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