Aroc Sports Sled Features Tiltable Body and Waisted Runners

AROC Sports Sled wants to create a new sports segment, it can be exciting. This project wants to offer you a new trend with an unusual concept, a pretty challenging project don’t you think?

We have featured this concept sometime ago here, this racing sled is designed with a tiltable body and waisted runners, it means that user can make carved and slided turns on the slope. The ergonomic design makes it extremely convenient when used, the agility of construction also makes it easy to steer and safe to ride. Due to special position and uniqueness of the steering, the sled riding would create unexpected feeling.

Aroc Sports Sled by Aroc Snowsports

Aroc Sports Sled by Aroc Snowsports

Designed by Yves Aeschbacher, Fabian Kessler, and Jeremias Perren , AROC is the first sled of its kind that provides intuitive turns based on weight shifting. There are other similar concepts on the market but they don’t allow carved turns and have great maneuverability. Operating AROC can be as intuitive as it can get, rider would just need to lean into the curve like on a bike, the feet are only needed when they need to slow down. If you are an experienced riders, you would let your feet rest on the runners and let the friction of the edges and the snow to control your speed. Started as a student project, now it’s ready to go into production. You can also support to fund the first series through this crowd funding campaign.

Aroc Sports Sled by Aroc Snowsports

More images of Aroc Sports Sled:
Aroc Sports Sled by Aroc SnowsportsAroc Sports Sled by Aroc SnowsportsAroc Sports Sled by Aroc SnowsportsAroc Sports Sled by Aroc Snowsports

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