Aqualife Waterproof Smartphone Case : One Size Fits All Mobile Phones

Pineway Asia has teamed up with Andrea Ponti to come up with Aqualife waterproof smartphone case. Aqualife is produced by Pineway Asia Ltd. and distributed across Asia Pacific by Case Logic. Just for your information, Pineway Asia Ltd. is the authorized sole distributor for Case Logic Mobile and Hardware in Asia Pacific. This case been designed for all mobile phones, the waterproof one-size-fits-all case is perfect to use when you want to protect your phone in watery environments, not sure if they will design a waterproof case for iPad, but hopefully they will. Aqualife is water-resistant case up to one meter deep, the clip lock system enables you to open and lock the case easily to protect your precious mobile phone.

Aqualife waterproof smartphone case is made of polycarbonate with see-through bottom that enables you take picture or make videos under water. You will still be able to operate all the touch functions through its clear silicone display window even under water.

Designer : Andrea Ponti

Aqualife Waterproof Smartphone Case

Aqualife Waterproof Smartphone Case

Aqualife Waterproof Smartphone Case

Aqualife Waterproof Smartphone Case

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