Aqua Assistance Offers Efficient Water Rescue Functionalities Even in Icy Lakes

The aqua assistance concept eliminates the existing lack of technology in water rescue equipments by featuring various handy features. Being shorter than the conventional one, this boat offers easy maneuverability and helps rescue attempts by featuring excessive, over-sized handles. These handles along with the rubberized top surface enables the user to stay on the sled. Unlike usual motorboats, this concept requires less or no maintenance and can be used with same efficiency in icy lakes, which is quite hard to attain with conventional rescue equipments. Due to its compact size and lightweight construction, users can carry and store it easily without thinking much of their precious space

aqua assistance

aqua assistance

aqua assistance

Designer : Daniel Bellia

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6 thoughts on “Aqua Assistance Offers Efficient Water Rescue Functionalities Even in Icy Lakes

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  2. Ideal for use in Caribbean & Hawaii, Mexico,

    & for rental use for Adventure market.


    Must carry 2 for Lifeguard duty & equip for rescue IF waranted.

  3. A '' show would be more boring than watching paint dry. It would just be pretty much a slideshow and a person talking *yawn*

    Neat concept canoe here but in my opinion it seems rather pointless. Not sure how it really helps with rescue because the space on the front is in no way long enough and if that thing is in choppy sees there is a risk of it capsizing or the injured person being dropped overboard.

    Really its just a canoe but with a couple of extremely minor changes.

    • no you have it wrong you should just shut up if your not gonna say anything good i mean we make a show we put inventers and scientist to gether and build these good ideals and make them into realality itll be just like howe and howe technology on discovery channel but better.

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