AQ Hayon Bathtub by Jamie Hayon

There truthfully cannot be anything more striking to look at, decadent to use, and spiteful to own than an AQ Hayon bathtub. Your bathroom no longer required to be only a place where you spend a rushed few minutes every morning getting ready for your work. Instead, now you have a beautiful bathroom with AQ Hayon bathtub that can prove to be your personal haven and a complete stress buster. This bathtub has sleek black and white lines that are irresistible. It is practically a must have for luxurious bathroom retreats. If you are thinking of creating the perfect retreat, an exotic bathtub like this is what it has to be!

aqhayon bath tub collection

aqhayon bath tub collection

aqhayon bath tub collection

aqhayon bath tub collection

Designer : Jaime Hayon via HomeDosh

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One thought on “AQ Hayon Bathtub by Jamie Hayon

  1. and dont forget to use Force to pour the water, couse author of this bath decided not to place taps! They were definitly ruining the pure line of this bath…

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