ANKI Cozmo Robot Has A Mind of Its Own and Cool Personality

Cozmo is a robotic toy with a mind of its own, the company claims that this toy is the coolest robot ever invented. This little guy is a real-life robot, just like those you see in sci-fi movies, completed with personality that evolves the more you hang out with it. This robot would be a nice companion for kids or just when you need a friend, he’ll nudge you to play and keep you surprised with its actions.

Unlike other robot toys on the market, Cozmo doesn’t just move around, he also gets curious and explores its surrounding. Not only he learns, he also plots and plans, he wants to get to know you, just like a human, thanks to a supercomputer chip that makes him fun on a whole new level.

Designer : Anki

Cozmo Robot by ANKI

Cozmo Robot by ANKI

ANKI has done a great job in designing and developing this human-like robot. Cozmo has emotions that aren’t random, they are real and can be felt by everyone in the room. He’s clever and playful robot with cool personality, but he can also get cranky when you ignore him. Don’t be surprised when Cozmo keeps challenging you to play with his favorite games, this little robot can get better with new activities and upgrades.

Cozmo Robot by ANKI

Cozmo Robot by ANKI

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