Amazon Scout Delivery System is Currently Tested in Snohomish County

Amazon is always investing in new technologies to spoil their customers, this time, it has developed Amazon Scout. Scout is a fully-electric delivery system designed specially to deliver packages safely to customers using autonomous delivery devices. It looks like a size of a small cooler, operating along sidewalks at a walking pace and amazon says that it has delivered packages to customers in neighborhood in Snohomish County, Washington. Starting with six Amazon Scout devices, this little robot would deliver packages from Monday to Friday, during daylight hours. It’ll autonomously follow their set route but at first, it’ll be accompanied by an Amazon employee.

Amazon Scout Delivery System

How it works? Well, Customers in Snohomish County can just order as their normally do, but this time, their orders will be delivered either by one of Amazon’s partner carriers or by Amazon Scout. The development team of Amazon Scout has developed this robot to ensure it can safely and efficiently navigate around pedestrians, pets, or anything else in their path. It’s an innovative delivery solution to provide sustainability and convenience to customers.

Amazon Scout Delivery System

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