Alto Tiny Green House by Gavin Rea

Submitted by Gavin Rea, Alto is a concept tiny house with a huge wall length window, the design creates an indoor patio type space that can be used for leisure activities such as gardening, dining and even barbecuing even in bad weather. However, the main issue of a tiny house is that it makes people feel cramped in the room, that’s why the large window offers an outdoor atmosphere inside the house, allowing large amounts of natural light inside. This is especially useful in winter climates, where most time at home is spent indoors, and there are fewer hours of daylight.

Alto Tiny Green House by Gavin Rea

Alto Tiny Green House by Gavin Rea

The challenge was overcoming the main drawback of a tiny house: its size. The largest problem with living in a tiny house is the feeling of cramped space, which is compounded in the winter months when you must spend more time indoors. Gavin Rea researched architectural techniques to make spaces seem larger such as high ceilings, open plan layouts, mirrors and windows. Then, rather than simply place more windows he made it the main feature of the house, creating a multi-use indoor atrium.

Rather than simply focus on room layout and interior or exterior aesthetics, this project created an entirely new type of architectural feature, combining a greenhouse extension directly onto the main building and creating a multi-use naturally lit atrium rather than just a garden.

Alto Tiny Green House by Gavin Rea

Use is straightforward. There is ample space for gardening, seating and other activities. The bottom floor leads out into the main atrium and then stairs to the upper balcony, where there is a small dining table built into the railing, encouraging dining with a view. One can even barbecue in the space with a ventilated barbecue that funnels smoke outside the house.

Tiny houses can sometimes be as expensive as full-size ones due to cost overruns. Alto has a simple construction that can be prefabricated in-factory and assembled onsite, allowing for manufacturing efficiency and quicker construction time. However, the rear face of the Alto house is customizable, allowing for different front door and window configurations to best suit the resident and site location.

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Alto Tiny Green House by Gavin ReaAlto Tiny Green House by Gavin ReaAlto Tiny Green House by Gavin Rea

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