African Wrench Tool to Tap Acacia Senegal Tree For Acacia Gum

Based on WHO report, more than 50% of deaths occurring around the world for children ages of 0 to 4 happen in developing countries of Africa and Southeast Asia. These deaths are usually caused by diarrhea, which actually curable and preventable disease yet, but due to the lack of adequate medical facilities and treatments, this disease leads to infections and dehydration of the patients. African Wrench has been designed to help people to extract gum arabic or also known as acacia gum from Acacia Senegal tree. This material is commonly found in tropical regions and Africa as one of chemical compounds used to treat diarrhea.

Acacia gum can be obtained using African Wrench (a gum tapping tool) to help diarrhea patients. It is hoped that with this tool, the death rates can be reduced, since people in that area would easily attain the cure from Acacia Senegal tree.

Designers : Yuan Xinwei, Ruan Chengzhu, Chen Chao, Xin Peng and Lin Lin

African Wrench to get Gum Arabic

African Wrench to get Gum Arabic

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One thought on “African Wrench Tool to Tap Acacia Senegal Tree For Acacia Gum

  1. Why can't anyone actually make these devices? We come up with different ways on how to help third world countries with health and food…. but does anyone actually make these new devices for use? No! we are still so far behind in healthcare in those countries, even when we send OUR doctors over there to help them, the technology they take with them is limited. Why can't someone just take these ideas and run with them? Start a Kickstarter project or something to get funding! Hell, if i knew how to manufacture stuff like this, I would do it myself!

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