Aeros Backcountry Ski Helmet Protects You Against Asphyxiation In The Event of Avalanche

Aeros is a backcountry ski helmet that sustains life and increases rescue time in the event of an avalanche. Based on research on the risks of backcountry skiing and expert observations, Aeros offers a solution to the fact that no one piece of equipment protects against asphyxiation while buried in snow. By integrating a system of air flow and protection of the face and neck, the concept offers two wearing modes, one for skiing and one for avalanche protection.

The risks of skiing in the backcountry are high, and the odds of surviving an avalanche when it occurs are very slim. 90% of all avalanche accidents are triggered by the victim himself, with only 15 minutes on average to survive in a snow burial. Furthermore, 75% of all avalanche victims die of suffocation. Protective equipment available in the market today offer a range of solutions that attempt to prevent snow burials, but none offer direct protection to the problem that there is lack of air flow in a snow burial. To survive, the skier must have three things: Head and face protection, air flow, and ability to activate safety gear. Expert interviews revealed that there is not one piece of equipment in the current market that addresses all three challenges. This project proposes a solution that increases the likelihood of survival though face protection with a shield, and securing the neck with a neck brace to ensure survival at impact from the avalanche, providing a cohesive and simple-to-activate solution that others have only attempted to solve.

Designer : Christina Hsu

Aeros Backcountry Ski Helmet by Christina Hsu

Aeros Backcountry Ski Helmet by Christina Hsu

Aeros Backcountry Ski Helmet offers the very best in backcountry protection. For the skier, the concept helmet ensures their life is sustained and their rescue time increased significantly – leveraging both active and passive forms of protection. The thrill of skiing in the backcountry is no longer hindered by the bulky partially-effective equipment being carried on the body and the fear that the equipment will not work. Aeros not only protects the head, but also its face shield guarantees an air pocket around the face, while feeding oxygen from the air canisters integrated into the helmet through a system of tubing in the face shield. Activating the helmet’s “avalanche mode” is simple and reliable, with just one pull of the face shield down to cover the face and activates timed oxygen flow. The design of Aeros gives backcountry skiing a new hope in increasing chances of survival and saving lives.

Aeros Backcountry Ski Helmet by Christina Hsu

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