Adi-Bloc, Sun Protection Cream Concept

If your skin color is not the color you want it to be and you want to be “fair”, but you cannot avoid going out in the sun, then adidas “adi-bloc” sun protection cream can be your dream product. This is adidas’ first sun protection cream that keeps your skin protected from the UV rays. The smooth and effective cream sooths your skin and prevents sun tan. The bottle is designed in a unique way and the color of the bottle is golden which gives it a rich look. It also consists of a specially designed nozzle that releases the sun protective cream on to your skin with the help of 3 holes placed vertically on the bottle.

You may also aware of global warming due to the breakage of the ozone layer that enables the UV rays to enter the earth, and this UV rays cal also lead to skin cancer. This product works effectively in the protection of your skin from skin cancer. Now there is no need to hide yourself from the sun and miss your favorite games just because they are played outdoor in the hot sun. But I have to remind you that this is just a concept, not official news from Adidas.

adidas adi bloc sun protection concept

adidas sun protection concept

Designer : Jack Godfrey Wood, Tom Ballhatchet, and Rui Lui

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