Abarth 500 Roadster Was Inspired by The Iconic 500 Fiat

Abarth 500 Roadster has been designed based on the iconic 500 Fiat. It aims for young generations; that’s why the design boasts sporty and modern style. You can read the explanation from the designer below.

The Abarth 500 roadster is a stile exercise of the iconic vehicle 500 Fiat, created by Madeindreams Studio with their team of automotive designers along with some students of the Transportation and Automobile Design Master Course of Politecnico di Milano directed by prof. Fausto Brevi.

Madeindreams Studio created the Alias Automotive Training Centre to fill the gap between University and Design Center of major automotive brands. It is addressed to youth and recent graduates for the professional training in the automotive field.

The goal of the Abarth 500 roadster project was to give a complete experience of the design process to the students making the internship at Madeindreams Studio, in which they learn how to build a virtual model of a car in team with senior designers and under the supervision of our Training Center director, Ginevra Gatto.

Designer : Madeindreams Studio

Abart 500 Roadster by Madeindreams Studio

Abart 500 Roadster by Madeindreams Studio

To achieve this, we took an iconic and complex Italian vehicle and inspired as well from the summer we decided to make a roadster version of it. The 500 roadster is a two seater sports version, which is suitable for markets with a warm weather and seaside. Keeping the main design cues, to be recognizable but with some of the special features, at the front, two air intakes to cooling the brakes. The front and rear carbon fiber air diffuser provides a high performance aerodynamic. This 500 is projected to mount the 1.4 T-Jet Abarth engine.

Fun to drive is the most important feature of Abarth 500 roadster, it was designed to be a roofless car, the general volume of the car was studied to create a well balance car with rounded shapes, but aggressive and sport key lines.

Abart 500 Roadster by Madeindreams Studio

Abart 500 Roadster by Madeindreams Studio

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3 thoughts on “Abarth 500 Roadster Was Inspired by The Iconic 500 Fiat

  1. If the price is similar to a compact car like that of Korean makers, then why not? I fancy a compact car that can go convertible at my choosing.

  2. It is such a cool concept. The fact that it’s concept design is geared for compact and sporty attitude, it is perfect for the European countryside driving.

  3. I must say, it does have a sporty feel to it. I just hope what it has under the hood can actually live up to its hype.

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