“A” Luxury Giga Yacht by Phillipe Starck

Check out this ‘Yacht A’, a Giga Yacht that looks like a battle cruiser or a spaceship. It is approximately 387 feet long with 3 pools, one master suite, six guest suites and 42 rooms for staff members. The giant structure of this ship is just mind blowing. Have a close look at the side gate of Yacht A, which seems like large enough to hold a dozen torpedo boats. To give an estimate of the price, let me tell you that the fuel tank used in this Yacht is so big that it costs $1.4 million to fill up. This Giga Yacht is owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko who has got it built for around 150 million euros in Germany.

a giga yacht

a giga yacht

a giga yacht

Designer : Phillipe Starck via LuxuryProperty

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12 thoughts on ““A” Luxury Giga Yacht by Phillipe Starck

  1. Love to charter this but since its a One & Only Copy, very hard (darn)

    Love to sail in her around HI & Caribbean.

    Love the copter helipad.


    Be great for a 007 movie set.

  2. I've been working in the megayacht industry for 12 years and i can tell you that NONE of Abramovich's current yachts are bigger than A. the closest in size is M/Y Pelorus at 377 feet (A checks in at 387 feet). however, Abramovich does have a much larger yacht in construction: M/Y Eclipse. With an overall length of of between 508 and 526 feet (yet to be confirmed) this will be one of the biggest, if not the biggest yacht in the world to date.

  3. It looks like a Mac Donalds happy meal prize.

    The two best days of a boat owners life are the day he buys it and the day he sells it.

    Man is that Russian goin to be pissed when he puts that thing up on Ebay.

  4. I am very interested in the Nookie Room.

    Where it is located.

    What it looks like.

    And most importantly what a Nookie is.

    Go back to France Sleezeball (Phillipe Starke)

  5. He should go back to graphic design school and get some helicopter landing clip art.

    Maybe thats the roof of the nookie room.

  6. He has Poo Poo Pooped his way to stardom.

    And left a trail of ripped off abused designers in his wake.

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