A Clock On The Side and A Chess Game on The Other

Combining two function into one smart device. The digital clock has some funky interface design, great choice for young people. When you turn around the clock, you’ll see that there is a chess set on the other side. The chess pieces each are individually hand lathed and stored in a neat casing which you can slot within the set.

clock and chess set

clock and chess game concept

Designer : Huang Zi

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2 thoughts on “A Clock On The Side and A Chess Game on The Other

  1. At least, you want what to do with your chess set when you do not play. The clock/storage box looks great. But they felt short on the concept with the chess pieces. Visually, they do not fit together.

  2. I absolutely love the clock face and the back, i really wouldn't include the chess as it would raise the price of the clock and I don't think anyone would use it. But this is something i would absolutely buy.

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