3D Crystal Watch Concept Shifts Your Focus from The Dial to The Crystal Lens

This beautiful and minimalist 3D Crystal Watch has been designed using subtraction, it removes any excessive features that can create confusion. It’s a simple and functional watch yet the design looks beyond conventional ones. Many conventional watches on the market uses metal as dial in the faceplate design, this concept watch wants to introduce a refreshing way to read the time. 3D Crystal Watch is designed by subtracting that metal time indicators. It shifts the focus from the dial to the often-ignored crystal lens, those time indicators are etched onto the glass. This innovative design also helps to reduce manufacturing costs while increasing production speed.

3D Crystal Watch Concept by Tang Siu Hung and Jiang Shu Ting

Designed by Tang Siu Hung and Jiang Shu Ting, 3D Crystal Watch has glass lens that makes up approx. 70% of the entire watch and subtly obscures the crown. This approach helps the watch to achieve a clean aesthetic and a sense of space rarely found in typical timepiece. That unique 3D stereoscopic effect also helps to create the depth between glass crystal and hands, allowing for better and flexible way for user to read the time.

3D Crystal Watch Concept by Tang Siu Hung and Jiang Shu Ting

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