3.72 Travel Case for Surfboards

River Surfing has a special kind of madness and those who are crazy about it would love this concept. This is a travel case for surfboards. You can keep three surf boards without fins and two with fins at a time in this case. It will be very helpful for those who everyday enjoy their surfing passion. It has sporty appearance and sophisticated design. Not only this, it comes with transport wheels, handles, a set of locks for those who want to keep be on car roof racks and a complimentary bad where you can keep your accessories such as wax, tape and straps. So, now onwards, go surfing with this amazing case.

3.72 surfingboard case

Designer : Sincro Design

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5 thoughts on “3.72 Travel Case for Surfboards

  1. This looks like exactly what I've been looking for, but I'm frustrated. Where can I find an English speaking website for this surfboard travel case? When I go to Sincro Design, it's in Spanish or Portugese and I don't speak Spanish or Portugese.


  2. Guys this is a crap bag… Try the Dakine world traveller. It can fit around 6 boards and use it on all of my trips and have never had any issues. It also comes with a 12 month warranty!

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