360 Takes Skateboarding to A New Level

360 is a revolutionary design that works on the movements of the body to give the ride and feel of various kinds of surface. Out here it’s the user’s mind and human imagination that is taken as the base and one can feel the drive be it roads or grasslands. All one needs to do is fit their feet into the inner part of the wheel and one gets into the natural riding position. The sensations experienced are very much similar to snowboarding, surfing or skateboarding.

360 skateboarding concept

Designer : Francesco Sommacal

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9 thoughts on “360 Takes Skateboarding to A New Level

  1. I would like to see something like this come out on the market. The dirtsurfer is similar, but the downside is it can only be ridden in one direction. In other words, the rider cant do a 180 and ride down with the other foot leading.

    I also like the feet placement of this.

  2. Great!!!

    the only prob, you couldn't cruise on flat with it….I.E you couldn't push with one foot like a skater… well maybe you coudl get used to it

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