2P : The Future Of Portable Multi-User Restrooms

During outdoor events such as music festival, concerts, fairs, etc I find it’s really hard to find the restroom area. Even when I finally find it, there are like 20 to 30 people waiting in line. Some even can’t wait and do their business on the nearest hidden structure. Just imagine the nasty urine smell. 2P should be our next generation of portable restrooms. It’s been designed specifically to counter the issues arise due to massive people at popular outdoor festivals. 2P allows 2 people using 1 single unit to do their business simultaneously into the same tank. It helps reducing waiting times by redirecting most of the male to the back side of the units where they are able to start and finish much more rapidly than before.

Designer : Kevin Cheng

2P Portable Multi User Restrooms

2P Portable Multi User Restrooms

2P can accommodate more users with fewer units thus reducing the amount of space and cost. The 2P’s curvature design, integrated into both its overall form and into its structural support are reminiscent of water and gentle waves when multiple units are placed side by side. Arranged in these rows, the 2P creates not only a natural private space for male users, but each adjacent unit provides privacy for the individual.

2P Portable Multi User Restrooms

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3 thoughts on “2P : The Future Of Portable Multi-User Restrooms

  1. Must for concerts, fairs, beaches, picnics, rallies, camping alone for over 300 persons attending same area.
    Nice for Temp use if fixxing other restrooms.
    Mass produce & sell worldwide.

  2. really love the concept, but with the urinal at the back being open and joining the same tank as the internal toilet, what happens if there were heavy rainfall? which rather unfortunately occurs at many UK based music festivals and events. would the contents overflow? or is there a mechanism providing cover or "shut off" if the tank is filled?

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