Zero5 Ski Helmet Combines Futuristic and Retro Style Into A Modern and Innovative Helmet

This ski helmet combines the futuristic and retro with a wire mesh shell and integrated lens system. The result is a modern and innovative Zero5 ski helmet that solves some old issues of existing ski helmet such as: feeling of heat and sweating, inconvenient ski goggles use. The wire mess of this helmet was designed with the intention to allow the steam to go out without leaving any water. The integrated anti-fog lens system eliminates the need to use sunglasses or ski goggles. Zero5 helmet boasts a unique combination of safety and sporty style. It features “a special structure with the function of Distributing and dissipating energy” and is manufactured in materials expanded to double thickness and with Differentiated densities.

Designer : Vinaccia Integral Design for IDI

Zero5 Ski Helmet

Zero5 Ski Helmet

Zero5 Ski Helmet

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