Xbox 360 Hybrid Mobile Phone, All in One

If you are craving for something different and funky, then Xbox360 mobile is surely for you. A talented artist of British Magazine T3 has put together his innovative ideas for bringing out this sexy Xbox360 Mobile. The idea is definitely interesting and attractive for all game-lovers as the name itself involves a gaming world. The proposed design is pleasant and including everything in it starting from games to music and a mobile phone. It has 64 GB of memory and with amazing graphics. So, now you can have your iPod, PC and Mobile phone…. All in one.

xbox 360 mobile phone concept

xbox 360 mobile phone concept

xbox 360 mobile phone concept

xbox 360 mobile phone concept

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Jeice says: September 3, 2008

It seems like it would be pretty bitchin. I think a mobile phone is a bit much. What is it with this idea to combine everything into one?

dean says: November 5, 2008

if that comes out i will be in line i want one right now xbox360 i-phone mp3 i hope it comes out soon

dean says: November 5, 2008

u have a point they put every thing into one and make it so complex that it takes u a month to find out how it works.

ShAdOw says: November 11, 2008

i think the new xbox sucks in design but is a good idea well done microsoft ************

eric hopson says: December 4, 2008

the xbox mobile go hard i want to become a science

engineer in techology so i can build my own inventions

DANIEL says: October 8, 2009

microsoft beats sony again

xae xae says: October 14, 2009

this you boy xae xae from that scotlandville mine i dont care what yall say that xbox 360 phone get off if it dont ima get off on u ,u heard . me

xae xae says: October 14, 2009

now if yall want to fight lets get it on call me at 225 454 9860 in for real and ask for xae (zae)

Charlie Turner says: January 6, 2010

i really like it :)

mathew garner says: February 19, 2010

do any of u know how to get ur email off the screen???? i really need to know how

Andrew says: June 18, 2010

Sweet future

sailesh says: September 25, 2010

i used zune player…now in future m going to use this one…xbox yahoooooooo……..

Kaitlyn says: March 3, 2015

Please come out before march 23 that is my birthday I whant one

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