WristPC : An Innovative Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer

WristPC is a pioneering concept that combines all computer functions, capable of handling all the vital requirements of the user throughout the day. This wearable ultra-mobile personal computer plus communication device concept offers a novel experience with is great portability and innovative architecture. It can be worn like a wristwatch, allowing the user to remain connected to the web anytime, anywhere. The WristPC concept boasts a completely functional 3.5 inch touch-screen display plus a keypad onto the side of the wristband. One can position the display panels at different angels to make the screen face the user when the device is used for SMSing or GPS. The wireless earpiece can be easily detached from the wristband and can be used for making conference calls, watching videos on the move and listening to music. Well, the wristband’s rubber-feel material offers a comfortable grip for gamers.

Designers : Saharudin Busri, Mohd Nizam Najmuddin, Mohd Rohaizam Mohd Tahar, and Nuzairi Yasin

WristPC Ultra Mobile Personal Computer

WristPC Ultra Mobile Personal Computer

WristPC Ultra Mobile Personal Computer

WristPC Ultra Mobile Personal Computer

WristPC Ultra Mobile Personal Computer

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sadben says: July 22, 2011

it should have a qwerty keyboard instead of a abcd

victor says: July 22, 2011

Where I buy one?

sunil says: July 23, 2011

idea is good where can i get one

Rashede says: July 25, 2011

I have been waiting a long time for something like this
be sensible with the price
how do I order 2 of them?????

Janice Judge says: July 26, 2011

omg! where can i purchase this one?

bal says: July 31, 2011

its a concept

Intel4004 says: August 26, 2011

Then people will complain its too big.__Keyboard in the screen I suggest.

Janice Judge says: October 10, 2011

Where can I purchase this PC Wristwatch?

lklop says: October 28, 2011

perfectly amazing

Brendan says: January 31, 2012

Is this for sale? If it is then where can I buy it.

krishna says: October 20, 2012

i want one of them….

Jordan says: January 4, 2013

Where do I buy one how much are they

claudio says: April 9, 2013

tutto perfetto ma manca la cosa piu importante il PREZZO GRAZIE

Muhammad Usman says: February 8, 2014

Where from I can get one, and what is the price, and where the complete specifications?

Pedro gonzalez says: March 15, 2014

Please answer what the audience is asking for

    Tuvie says: March 17, 2014

    it's been answered below by other, it's just a concept, it's not commercially available.

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