With Innovative Blu Bottle Concept, You Don’t Need to Refill Again !

Blu Bottle combines a superb innovative design with mechanical processes and doesn’t require any high tech electronics or reliance on batteries to perform. By using the most underused source of energy in the world, the human energy, this bottle can harness the user’s kinetic energy via a manual pump, various pressure chambers and valves. Blu Bottle contains a coolant unit and sudden release in pressure on that unit results drop in temperature, therefore generating drinkable condensation. This compact and versatile bottle is best for using in remote areas, relief/aid purposes and personal or outdoor use.

blu bottle

blu bottle

A refreshingly bold and innovative concept, Blu Bottle is a suitably feasible, technically efficient and independent system. Intricately researched and designed, Blu Bottle dares to go further with a deeper, more versatile and sustainable solution that is more intrinsic than most.

blu bottle

blu bottle

Designer : Yuri Teodorowych

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Memesm says: June 2, 2009

¡Oh yes! ¡Blue Botlle! or "how to die without minerals"

John McCormack says: June 5, 2009

Technical especification and dealer price for Central America

d.sherman says: August 18, 2009

hoax. not enough surface area to produce any appreciable condensation. besides cooling the interior would only make moisture OUTSIDE the bottle

Innocent Tsiga says: September 2, 2015

kindly revert to us with wholesale prices or contacts for manufacturer

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