“Wild Fold” Cell Phone Concept Using Samsung Flexible OLED

The new phone concept from Mac Funamizu does take phone designing to the next level. Named as “Wild Fold”, the unique thing about this phone is that it can be folded in more ways than one. So whatever your mood or desire be, if you like the sleek, short, long or even flip design, all you need to do is fold the same in the manner you need and voila you have the phone of your choice! And what’s more, it also has the touch screen facility, so one need not scramble for buttons to dial. Just use this amazingly designed conceptual phone and dial your blues away.

wild fold phone

wild fold phone

wild fold phone

wild fold phone

wild fold phone

wild fold phone

wild fold phone

Designer : Mac Funamizu

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Jim adams says: February 5, 2009

i want this.

Cheshire says: August 18, 2009

So, it's kinda like the Total Recall disposable paper cell phones?


Ava says: March 24, 2010

what year do you plan on coming out with these phones and what cell phone service will have them retail

Johnny Ancich says: December 28, 2011

HOw about inventing cheaper rates?

Chad W says: January 1, 2012

samsung didnt create the flexible OLED, Sony did…

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