Wheel Rider Personal Commute Concept for Yamaha

The Wheel Rider is an innovative personal transportation concept that has been specially designed for Yamaha to meet the future urban commute requirements. However, the vehicle seems like just a big round wheel, it actually features three layers, the shiny outer body, the wheel at the middle and seating area for the rider inside. The signal lights have been placed at the back, which actually is the only signifying factor of the vehicle’s backside. With its compact size and functional shape, the wheel rider can easily fit and perform in the busy and congested future streets.

wheel rider personal commute concept for yamaha

wheel rider personal commute concept for yamaha

wheel rider personal commute concept for yamaha

Designer : Yuji Fujimura

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tuvie fan says: February 10, 2010

Great look and aerodynamic design. LOVE it!

Tron? says: February 15, 2010

Yes! one step closer to TRON!

Anikka says: February 15, 2010

Very intriguing, but how does one see the road ahead?

Blue says: August 1, 2010

Looks nice, but how do u see?!?!

Lance says: August 25, 2010

Looks like the tire is taller than the girl-silouette…I'd bet a replacement tire would cost a fortune!

mike says: July 25, 2011

how it would stop

Angel Navarro says: December 9, 2012

I think it is a One Way glass. And I am pretty sure you would not be able to replace the tire unless you are rich enough to buy it in the first place!

Dan says: August 3, 2013

but how will it turn left or right?

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