Water Lock Concept : Water Saving Tool for Bathtub

Saving water is a small step towards better future, yes, water is not as abundant as you might think. Water Lock is a little tool that helps you save more water when using your bathtub, it doesn’t require any electricity. This little tool is both water meter and locking device for bathtub tap, it allows user to set the amount of water they need to take a bath without having to monitor the flow, pretty cool heh? The flow will be automatically stopped when the water reaches the amount that you’ve set previously. Yes, you can tell the main goal here is to avoid wastage of water when filling a bathtub.

Designers : Prof. T.K Philip Hwang, Prof. Fan Cheng Kuei, Fu Shou Hsi, Wang Chih Wei, Hsu Wei Ling, Lai Yu Ren, Chen Yi An

Water Lock Water Saving Product for Bathtub

Water Lock Water Saving Product for Bathtub

Water Lock takes the padlock mechanism for its operation. When water flows, it is on, when the flow is terminated, Water Lock is off. Using this device, we can increase awareness of our water consumption and avoid water waste.

Water Lock Water Saving Product for Bathtub

Water Lock Water Saving Product for Bathtub

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Tino says: December 15, 2012

I would like to see one threaded on the outlet, so it can be used with a shower head

Ann says: October 21, 2013

Hello! What is the cost of this Water Lock? Where and how I can buy it ? I live in Poland. interested in cooperation

steve says: July 28, 2014

may i know the cost?

    Tuvie says: November 19, 2014

    It's only concept, it's not commercially available yet.

Ella says: November 18, 2014

Hello friends,
Have anyone here ever got any answer/response from this site ?
I tried to contact via their contact form but no response ever received, unfortunatelly
Its a pity, since I could greatly contribute to some designs here (with promotions/investments/sales).
If anyone knows the direct mail/phone of the owners/managers of this site – please notify me
Thank you so much!

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