Watch Movies at Campsites with Portable Camping Projector

Projector is a lightweight, handy screen that has been designed primarily for outdoor use, especially to rid the boredom. This portable camping projector can be set outdoors for watching films at campsites. While the portable screen is held to the frame with 4 separable parts of lens cap, the supporting frame is built with 4 alpenstocks that can be used while hiking. The projector features a shock-absorbing, crimped rubber surround that nestles amid the 4 alpenstocks. To offer ease in handling, the number of components has been reduced to a minimum number. It serves a great purpose for campers to counter the boredom at camping sites.

Designer : Wang Yan

Portable Camping Projector

Portable Camping Projector

Portable Camping Projector

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I, The Pessimist says: May 7, 2011

Two Words: City Slicker.
Isn't the idea behind camping to NOT bring your entertainment systems with you?
WTF happened to lookin' at the stars?!?!

    hank says: October 14, 2012

    F the F—ing stars and F—- you too.

Thabo says: May 11, 2011

lo! Camping isnt camoing any more, it’s now a night out in the wilderness, WATCHING MOVIES, lol, this is like so..ubber!!!

jake says: May 15, 2011

it's true that with camping you're not supposed to bring tech with you but this rly seems like a great device.
Something you can sometimes watch in your tent when you're trying to get to bed.
Seems pretty cool to me haha

Jake Jackson

Jeffery says: April 3, 2014

How do I purchase this?

Jeffery says: April 3, 2014

Where can I buy this?

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