Wacom Cintiq 12WX is Your Digital Sketch Book

For the creative professionals the new Wacom Cintiq 12WX is definitely an essential tool that has been designed just for their daily needs. It is portable, and state of the art digital sketch pad which comes handy when one is not placed permanently at a given place. The sketch pad connects to the laptop while the cordless, battery-free pen allows the user to sketch, paint, draw, or input directly on the display. The integrated stand enables users to work on different angles and even if the user wants to work on a flat surface or his lap, the stand folds into the device enabling him to do so.

wacom cintiq 12wx

wacom cintiq 12wx

Designer : Ziba Design

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john says: May 13, 2010

Johnny wants a sketch pad for his laptop. I dont know what one…i just found this on bing.


iScream! says: November 1, 2010

from what country is this?? and How much? :D

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