Voyage Barbeque Grid

VOYAGE is a moveable outdoor barbeque ensemble with a complete range of equipment and furniture integrated into its design. VOYAGE is a product specially designed for people who enjoy outdoor barbeques. A complete range of equipment and furniture, such as the barbeque cooking unit, dining table, chairs, cupboard, dishwasher, refrigerator, and even an iPod station are integrated in its design. This makes the process simple, convenient and interesting. The circular tabletop not only brings the whole family together, it also provides for better communication and participation.

voyage barbeque grid

voyage barbeque grid

With VOYAGE, the users are able to indulge in the process of preparing and consuming a barbeque. Equipped with all the necessary functions and accessories, users are able to wheel this moveable barbeque ensemble to their favourite spot and set up the barbeque conveniently. The chairs are foldable, which can be hung on the table. The integration of the cupboard, dishwasher, refrigerator, and iPod station makes the barbeque process enjoyable.

voyage barbeque grid

voyage barbeque grid

voyage barbeque grid

Designer : He Cheng, Luo Wanlan, Zhang Wenjun, Liao Hui

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winkelmann says: June 27, 2008

how much it cost,

where can we order it

Jessika says: July 7, 2008

When will this be coming oout and how much?

bikubik says: December 20, 2008

Have you ever try to sit on this kind of chair ?

Please go here and try this one

You will understand what i say.

Ian says: January 13, 2009

Bikubik, those chairs are ergonomically incorrect, as they are a part of a square table; each of the four chairs taking up one corner. This design, however, is part of a circle, and does not exactly represent the curves.

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