Visions of Future World by Syd Mead

Have you ever imagined how things would be in future? Syd Mead has come up with a cranking out visions of future world. By looking at the picture, you can imagine parks in the sky, green waterfront, and unbelievably designed infrastructure. He has conceptualized how city would be connected in a stylish and technological manner. Syd Mead has included ideas of United States Steel from the early sixties. The vision has expressed something that can be thought about and can take you to the world of imagination.

syd mead future doha qatar

Designer : SydMead

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Juao says: November 27, 2008

A very attractive picture. You deserve art award!

stephen russell says: March 12, 2009

Radical, nonethe less radical, read his 80s book OCTAGON.

Very Unique then & I place He &

Luigi Colani in the same level field

One Euro & Syd an American.


Super Techo artists.

sachin says: February 9, 2010

hi iam transportation designer frm isdindia.

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