Virtuo Digital Art Tool Set by Yana Klimava

Virtuo Digital Art Tool Set gives you the freedom to express your feeling without having to worry about the skills or materials wasted. Virtuo combines elements of traditional art and the latest technology to promote creative development in novice or amateur artists. This digital art tool set consists of a digital palette, charger, and five digital art tools that work on the principle of electromagnetism and therefore do not require batteries. Virtuo works by taking advantage of the latest sensor technology to communicate with an interactive pen display and a computer and translate the user’s gestures into visual output. So, why don’t you start digging deeper into yourself to find that creative artist hidden inside you with this cool art technology?

Designer : Yana Klimava

Virtuo Digital Art Tool Set

Virtuo Digital Art Tool Set

Some explanation from Yana :
The palette uses Bluetooth technology for communicating with the computer. It mimics real paint mixture techniques with LED lights. The user can also mix dark colours due to the special coating on the palette’s surface. The colour mixing is such that it simulates the subtractive “CMYK” colour mixing. The amount of paint “picked up” by the tool is determined by the amount of time the tool spends on the mixed colour.

The tools, consisting of a pencil, paintbrush, palette knife, airbrush and pastel, use sensors to translate the user’s gestures into visual information. Taking a palette knife as an example, it would use pressure and accelerometer sensors to translate its position and pressure on the screen into an appropriate stroke. Virtuo comes with software that is based on the real painting process: minimal, leaving the user free to experiment. Most of the time it would look like a blank piece of canvas, with a simple drop down menu showing only when the user wants to start a new digital painting, save, close it or open a previously started one. The really cool thing about this software is that it would treat all the digital materials used on the canvas as real ones. Ex. You would not be able to erase paint, only paint over it. It would also have only a limited number of “undo” steps to encourage the insecure user to practice by correcting rather than erasing.

Virtuo Digital Art Tool Set

Virtuo Digital Art Tool Set

Virtuo Digital Art Tool Set

Virtuo Digital Art Tool Set

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1blog says: December 20, 2010

I use Mypaint with Wacom Bamboo. Mypaint allows many different brushes and effects so i can get similar results. But if you are real artist than you need something more serious.

Cody says: December 20, 2010

Is this available on the market? If so how and where can I get it?

Yana says: December 20, 2010

Hi Cody! No, unfortunately not yet. I am looking for partners to help me bring this product to market as it is impossible for just one designer to take care of everything. Virtuo has produced a lot of media and web interest lately so I am hoping to bring it to the shelves at some point. That would be awesome!

Frank Zweegers says: December 21, 2010

The first looks like an ipad. But the other features are looking great. Brave, to bring this to market. Lots of success.

jenna says: September 12, 2012

HI!! i would love to get this it looks awesome i currently have a wacom bamboo tablet as well i want to get the cintiq but this would be fun to get as well if its not to crazy to afford any way i could help promote this more??

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