Virtual Graffiti for Graffiti Artists to Practice Their Skills Without Destroying Public Walls

Graffiti is drawing or writing on a wall or other surface in public, we can say graffiti is an art and getting more popular by days as people get fascinated by it. Unfortunately, most of these artists just can’t help themselves even though they know drawing on some of the public walls is illegal. Virtual Graffiti is a concept device to help young artists to practice their skills without destroying any public walls.

Virtual Graffiti consists of a beamer, four sensors as well as one virtual can. It works just like a projector, place a beamer in front of a wall and the sensor in each corner. The middle part of the beamer can be tilted to help you setup the perfect distance from the wall, its compact size allows you to carry it anywhere and work anytime you want.

Designer : Alexander Knorr

Virtual Graffiti by Alexander Knorr

Virtual Graffiti by Alexander Knorr

The great thing about virtual graffiti art is, you can save every image as digital file, thus making you to be able to download it via USB-cable to your computer for advanced editing using any photo manipulation software. The beamer also provides you with detail information of colors that you have to use in order to pain the same image for real. We really love the idea, this concept device enables beginners to professional artists to perfect their skills without having to make big mess on the wall.

Virtual Graffiti by Alexander Knorr

Virtual Graffiti by Alexander Knorr

Tuvie has received “Virtual Graffiti” from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

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Dan says: August 22, 2012

Why doesn't the artist just put a blank piece of cloth over the wall to practise on? There's no better learning experience than using proper spray paint as opposed to a virtual one and it would cost a whole lot less to achieve basically the same thing.

Frank says: August 23, 2012

I like this idea! i am a graffiti artist, and i have the problem that my room is full of cans, and the smell of the paint, this would be good for my healt. ( my apartment is not big enough to have room just for spraying )
It also remindes me to the wacom cintiq, you also can say a cintiq is unnesesary, you also could take a blank peace of paper.

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