USPS Will Release Limited Edition Industrial Design History Postage Stamps

These limited editions set of stamps will be released in June this year by United States Postal Service (USPS) to honor 12 of the nation’s most influential industrial designers. Those stamps will include everything from furniture, appliances, to office buildings. What we use and see today in this century is shaped by the work of those designers.

Characterized by horizontal lines and rounded, wind-resistant shapes, the new, streamlined looks differed completely from the decorative extravagance of the 1920s. They evoked a sense of speed and efficiency and projected the image of progress and affluence the public desired.

From : USPS via [Core77]

Industrial Design History Postage Stamps

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HUMAYUN MEHTAB says: January 4, 2011

new things helping life standred—lovely– easy life —-GODBLESS all of you who invent the new way of standred leaving life thanx mehtab

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