Urban Mini Truck Makes Commuting More Efficient On Future Streets With Busy Traffic

Hold on guys, I can read your mind. But sorry this is a concept yet and you definitely can’t ride one tomorrow morning to your office, making it easier to avoid the busy and hectic traffic you have to go through everyday. But the day will come soon since this compact mini truck is going to be the only efficient commuting solution for you on the even more congested and busy urban streets than that you are experiencing currently. This four-wheel steering truck features 4 electric engines with each of its rimless wheels and incorporates functional solar panels on the top. Forget the traditional mirrors, the inbuilt video cameras will give you more clear rear view with many other handy aspects. The clear glass cabin not only offers 180 degrees view, also the digital dashboard fitted in the windshield makes it as unique as its appearance. Liviu Buldur, the designer of the urban mini truck has successfully implemented his industrial designing skills to give a vision of the future urban streets through this innovative concept.

Designer : Liviu Buldur

urban mini truck

urban mini truck

urban mini truck

urban mini truck

urban mini truck

urban mini truck

urban mini truck

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Bizarre says: April 29, 2010

How many electric urban egg-car concepts do we need? Rimless wheels? In-wheel motors? Solar panel roof? digital mirrors? Huge glass area? All seen before.
It looks cool though.

anca says: April 29, 2010

woooow…it`s amazing….he deserves a grammy award or something similar…..great job!

GabrielK says: June 16, 2010

I'd like to see more "truck" in this concept. It's certainly a pretty soap bubble design, but needs more utility to it; a smooth bed with no visible means with which to contain cargo is too 'form over function'.

Blue says: August 1, 2010

I love ur design. I love all egg car-like designs, they always look comfortable and fun to ride. I love the large window.

Mack_trucks says: December 20, 2010

Funny how when truck steering wheels are becoming more and more upright, like cars, Volvo has this lame concept with a perpendicular steering wheel.

random dude says: January 8, 2013

ok this is a truck?!! whers storage, space for one two by four!!>!>!>?!?!?!??!

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