Two Young Entrepreneurs Prepare for Their First Product Launch: A Beautiful Tempus Electric Bike

Tempus Electric Bikes was a company founded in June 2015. They are a manufacturer of electric bikes, currently in its early stages. An electric bike (e-bike) is a bicycle that is powered by an electric motor, rather than just by pedaling. You can either use the full electric feature which uses a throttle, requiring no pedaling, or use pedal assist for exercise. Electric bikes are a healthy medium between a bicycle and a car. They remove the problems of a car, such as parking, insurance, gas, traffic, and they allow the rider to get to work on hot summer days, sweat-free.

The two founders of Tempus are Ikenna Ofoha and Xavier Chan. These two have a vision of bringing back the fun into commuting in a unique style, which has not yet been seen in the world of bikes. On the roads today, bicycles and e-bikes lack a certain level of style. Both founders are 19-years-old and have always had a dream of starting their own company. Ikenna is the engineering mind, always thinking of improvements and design, and Xavier is the business mind providing the much needed structure. They saw an opportunity to fulfill their dreams by starting Tempus.

Designers : Ikenna Ofoha and Xavier Chan

Tempus Electric Bike by Ikenna Ofoha and Xavier Chan

Tempus Electric Bike by Ikenna Ofoha and Xavier Chan

Ikenna, formerly an engineering student at Ryerson University decided to leave school after his first semester, to focus his undivided attention to building Tempus’ first product. He has a passion for building things, and has been teaching himself how to build and wire RC cars, electric guitars, and a high-speed electric bike from a young age. Xavier currently studies at the University of Guelph, completing his bachelor of commerce in Economics and Finance. He has an interest in the finance industry, and would like to travel the world one day.

Unlike any other e-bike currently in the e-bike market, Tempus’ is different. It’s design was inspired by a 1960s cafe racer motorcycle, which boldly brings together the newest battery technology, with a stylish design of the past. Tempus will be launching a crowdfunding campaign in mid-June, in which they take pre orders for the first models priced at $3600. The company boasts the high quality of its bike, which is built of aircraft grade chromoly steel, and is hand built in Canada. This type of build quality rivals the higher end e-bike models that range from $5000 – $7500

Tempus Electric Bike by Ikenna Ofoha and Xavier Chan

Tempus Electric Bike by Ikenna Ofoha and Xavier Chan

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