Toyota i-Road Personal Mobility Concept Features Great Maneuverability of A Motorcycle and The Comfort of A Car

If you love the maneuverability of a motorcycle but hate wearing all those safety gears or exposing yourself to the rain and cold, then Toyota i-Road personal mobility concept is the answer to your prayers. Introduced at the 83rd Geneva International Motor Show, this three-wheeler boasts motorcycle-like maneuverability yet with the comfort of a car. It is very ideal for short-distance urban travel and a great way to enjoy ride.

This compact two-seater e-vehicle has been designed and developed to offer you a new way to travel, so refreshing. Enjoy great ride with same level of convenience as a motorcycle, cruising through congested city roads and the lack of parking space won’t be an issue for you. The automatic active-lean system provides great response and exciting driving experience. Drive this vehicle helmet free, thank you to its closed cabin design, all passengers don’t have to wear any extra safety gears, you are shielded from the weather in all seasons.

From : Toyota

Toyota i-Road Personal Mobility Concept

Toyota i-Road Personal Mobility Concept

Toyota i-Road personal mobility concept is designed with a length of 850 millimeters, great maneuverability, a nice active lean system. Its electric powertrain allows for smooth, quiet ride with zero emission operation. On a single charge, you can drive this vehicle up to 50km.

Toyota i-Road Personal Mobility Concept

Toyota i-Road Personal Mobility Concept

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Stephen Russell says: March 6, 2013

Id rent & own this
Need added luggage modules for runs to store, otherwise neat for Urban use.
Must for EU & Asian cities alone.
Radical, produce this
Ideal for college towns, cities alone/.

Karen says: September 11, 2013

All the single passenger vehicles are great. However when I have to take the kids to school and then continue on to work, I would like a separate vehicle/pod for each person, that can be slaved to the driver of the first. And then I can drop off those vehicle/pod at each destination. I want each vehicle/pod to be able to be independently driven so that when the kids are older they can get themselves to where ever they need to go.
I have yet to see a solution that addresses this problem.

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