Totem Modular Cooking System Coated With EnSol Spray-On Solar Cell Technology

Totem is the perfect solution for anyone who lives in a small space apartment or travelers. It is a multi functional modular food system that enables you to prepare and cook by simply stack and flip the units. Due to its simplistic design, this unit allows you to perform in any situation; in fact, it doesn’t require main power source since the exterior has been coated with EnSol, spray-on solar cell technology. Totem is capable of performing various kitchen tasks in any location by stacking flipping, and building the units for your specific requirements. It uses less energy and space. Even when you are in remote locations, you can still use this cooking device.

Each unit has the same capabilities to cook, clean, chill, and freeze. However, the orientation of each unit determines the mode. If you want to bake a cake, just combine several units together to form a hexagon. If you want to fry something, just flip it.

Designer : Nick Morris

Totem Modular Cooking System

Totem Modular Cooking System

Totem Modular Cooking System

Totem Modular Cooking System

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mona Chavez says: July 19, 2011

fantasticoco ya esta a la venta en el mercado?

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