The Rim, A Unique and Distinctive Timepiece

As they say there is time for everything, a time to weep, a time to laugh, a time to throw, a time to keep… well keeping time has been one fad that man has always been trying to do. The invention of clocks is the resultant of that. The new clock design by Jansen Lye is sure an innovative one. All it has is needles, one long and one short. There is no number, nothing, and the time is determined by the position of the needles. The clock looks cool and is completely adaptable to any given environment. A very simple yet unique design.

rim clock

rim clock

The Rim is a unique timepiece. The hour and minute hands have been positioned on the outer edge of the clock face rather than the center, making it a distinctive looking product that imbues style on any space. It minimalist design sits well in all environments, from office space to living rooms or kitchen walls.

rim clock

Designer : Jansen Lye

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Jeremy A. Dixon says: September 5, 2008

I keep wanting the minute and hour hands to be switched. My eye spots the minute hand first and really want it to be the hour hand. Maybe it's just me…

Ekzouille says: September 12, 2008

Not just you, me too.

It's an "approximative" way to read time so it's will be normal if minutes are readable with the rounded needle

(excuse my bad english, i'm french)

see ya

george says: February 12, 2013

Where can I buy os order this clock?

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