The Health Manifesto-A Beautifully Designed Luxury Health Service Provider

The health manifesto is actually a series of excellent manifestos of high quality hospital bed queues that has been designed by examining every probable solution of improved products and services. The innovative design of these health service manifestos have been made possible through the extensive working experience of the designees in commercial areas and keeping the design principles in mind that generally designers apply on creating first class hotel rooms and airline cabins. These beautifully crafted and intelligently designed recovery rooms can help user to take the strain off with improved quality luxury.

the health manifesto

the health manifesto

Designer : Priest Man Goode

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stephen russell says: March 6, 2010

See Huntsman Cancer Center, UT as prime example for hospital innovation for ALL medical centers.

Must see.

Look too Techy for me IE need more "healing" colors & tones for patients.

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